Submission Guidelines

Soundings Review is currently closed for submissions. Please check back for updates.

Soundings Review is now paying contributors for accepted work. We offer $25 for each piece of prose and $10 for each poem, paid on publication.

Soundings Review welcomes submissions of high quality, accessible poetry, fiction (including genre such as fantasy, science fiction, or mystery), nonfiction, and writing for children & young adults.

We are open to different styles and voices, but we are passionate about accessibility and depth. By this, we mean that work should, on the first read, create a connection with a reader; on additional readings, spurred on by that connection, readers should continue to find increased understanding and pleasure in reading the work. Soundings Review is 80 pages in length and publishes many authors per issue.

Connection to readers requires a strong opening, a clear story, interesting characters, fresh language and images. Poems, whether formal verse or free form, should demonstrate a passion for and knowledge of language, image and subject. Creative nonfiction includes all sub-genres: memoir, nature, personal essay, etc. For interviews or other forms not mentioned, we suggest you send a short query letter, though it isn’t required. Writing for children & young adults may include fiction, poetry, or non-fiction. Although Soundings is not a magazine aimed specifically at children, we want to provide a showcase for this field, as readers of all ages appreciate excellent writing. Our only taboo: hate literature, which includes all the “isms” that stereotype or disrespect others including pornography or gratuitous violence.

For prose (Nonfiction, Fiction, and Children & Young Adult) we rarely accept pieces over 5,000 words. Much of what we do accept is between 3,000 and 4,000 words, and we also enjoy reading pieces under 1,000 words. Submissions should be in standard manuscript format; this includes double-spacing and 12 point Times Roman font.

Poetry:We prefer poems under 40 lines although we will occasionally accept longer ones. All accepted poetry moves us, with vivid language that changes us and ending lines that leave us breathless. Submit up to three poems per submission.

For all submissions:

  • Previously unpublished work only.
  • One submission at a time. Please wait for our response before submitting more material.
  • Please make sure that your work is proofed and polished.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but  if your work becomes unavailable please notify us as soon as possible.


Rights: We ask for first North American serial rights and also one-time anthology reprint rights should we wish to include the work in an anthology that follows publication of your work. Should we wish to include any part or all of your work online, we will ask for permission. We do reserve the right to include your name, bio and title of the work we publish in any Whidbey Island Writers Association publicity, including print and online media. Except for these rights, copyright reverts to author.

Response time: We intend to respond within three months, but we all are volunteers, and we like to read each submission carefully. If you haven’t heard from us in three months, feel free to contact the editor.

Author Payment: $25 per prose piece and $10 per poem, payable on publication. We also will provide two copies of the issue in which your work appears.

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